Foster LLP continues its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

As a participating firm in the Justicia Project, a voluntary program facilitated by the Law Society of Alberta between 2012 and 2017, Foster LLP participated in creating model programs and policies aimed at retaining women lawyers and promoting diversity in the private practice of law.

The change in culture created through programs like the Justicia Project lead the way for systemic change that works for the profession and the public.

Foster LLP is now a Roster Firm for the Articling Placement Program that furthers the Law Society’s goals and seeks to ensure all Articling Students have a safe, respectful work environment to learn and develop their careers.

As an Associate of Foster LLP, I welcome the opportunity to work with Articling Students as a Mentor and to help them through their articles. I am proud of Foster LLP for stepping up and committing to this very worthwhile program.