Legal coaching can be defined as unbundled legal services, designed specifically for your family law matter.

Unbundled legal services offer clients an opportunity to choose only the services they need to represent themselves.

Legal coaching allows clients to work directly with a lawyer in the background, while representing themselves in Court or Mediation/Arbitration.

Legal coaching is set up on an individual basis with clients who choose to self-represent on their matters. The lawyer or “coach” assists the client with navigating the legal system, and provides tools and strategies to the client to effectively present his or her case.

Legal coaching gives you a better chance of achieving your desired outcome in your family law matter - compared to figuring it out alone.

What does legal coaching include?

While it depends on your legal matter – legal coaching can include any of the following:

  • Independent legal advice;
  • Commissioning and notarization of documents;
  • Preparation of adoptions package;
  • Preparation of Applications, Affidavits, Court Orders and Legal Briefs;
  • Flat rate consultations on the strengths and weaknesses of your case;
  • Tips and preparation for Court or Mediation/Arbitration;
  • Assistance with legal research, understanding legislation, and preparation of case law  and arguments for your matter;
  • Reviewing and analyzing court documents;
  • Assistance in understanding documents required for your application, and how to file your documents with the courts;
  • Child support calculations and Court approved Childview print outs;
  • Spousal support analysis and calculations; and
  • Preparation for Court, Questioning or Mediation/Arbitration.

What are the benefits of legal coaching?

  • Understanding the legal analysis the Court or Mediator/Arbitrator will use to make a decision on your matter;
  • Setting realistic and practical goals with respect to your legal issues;
  • Understanding the aspects of your case, which will be important to successfully argue your case;
  • Improved communication skills by learning the legal vocabulary used by the Courts;
  • Assistance in navigating emotional issues by an objective lawyer;
  • Decreased legal fees; and
  • Significantly decreased stress while preparing and arguing your case.

If you think legal coaching makes sense for you - we can help.

Please contact us to schedule a telephone or virtual consultation, or to learn more about legal coaching.