Family and Divorce Arbitration in Calgary

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is an increasingly popular alternative to litigation. The parties must agree to Arbitration as an alternative to the Court process.

What is the Arbitration Process?

Arbitration is a legally binding process in which parties submit particular issues to be heard and adjudicated upon by an agreed upon arbitrator. The Arbitration Act generally covers the Arbitration process. The process of arbitration is very similar to a trial and the arbitrator is given the power to decide the designated issues.

Usually, an arbitrator is a lawyer who has specialized training and can, with the mutual agreement of the parties, sit and act in the place of a Judge. The advantage of this process is that the delay normally associated with waiting for a trial date to be assigned is avoided, it provides complete confidentiality, and many of the time consuming and costly formalities associated with Court litigation may also be avoided.

Lawyers for Arbitration in Calgary

The Lawyers at Foster LLP will discuss the option of arbitration with their clients when this process may be advantageous to them.

The following lawyers are available for arbitration:

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