Calgary Matrimonial Lawyers

Need help with property in Calgary, Alberta? Here's how we can help.

Whether a relationship is beginning or ending, our lawyers can help with all aspects of arriving at agreements regarding Division of Property, Child Support, Parenting, Access and Spousal Support.

Matrimonial Property Act

The Matrimonial Property Act of Alberta allows parties to settle the division of property any way they see fit, provided that their agreement is in writing and that each party has independent legal advice.

This allows parties to arrive at agreements regarding the division of their property at the end of their relationship, or to set the rules for how their property would be divided, should the relationship end (i.e. a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement).

Agreements may also include terms related to child support, parenting of children, access and spousal support. The court always maintains the jurisdiction to change such agreements, as they relate to parenting and support issues, if there is a material change in circumstances not contemplated in the agreement.

Parties may also enter into written agreements regarding the division of their assets when entering or terminating a common law or non-marital relationship.

Calgary Matrimonial Lawyers

Our lawyers work in consultation with you while you participate in Mediation, or Negotiate matters with your spouse, or if greater involvement is required. In each case, we’ll discuss the cost of putting matters into an agreement and advise on the best way to arrive at an agreement, whether it’s through negotiation, mediation or other methods.

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